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So, my post Scandal hour that I usually take to be with my thoughts is now over…

And I see that yet again my Sisterwives are handling things with the analysis. Well, mainly Alias. But I LOVE AND ADORE the rest of y’all. I mean of course Fitz looked hot in his t-shirt and yes he may have had some black girlfriends in the past. And the Olake sex scene has been dubbed CringeSex? Got it. Fitz gave us some insight into his past with Mellie (which is not too far from anything I have read in some fanfics) and I think Tony Goldwyn just made his Emmy reel. James and Cy broke my heart. Quinn handled shit. Dabby stepped on my feels. I want to take Huck away, away from everything. Where do you want to go boo boo? Jake can choke on a bag of dicks as far as I am concerned

And Olivia and Fitz. My poor poor poor Olitz. How does 30 seconds between two people make my heart burst and burn at the same time? Y’all are right. Pouring acid in my heart could not compare to the place they are in right now. LE.FUCKING.SIGH.

So off I go. To commentate with you all. But looking at the big picture, this was a fantastic episode. Well paced and everyone got some much deserved time and some questions were answered. But for the average viewer (and we are not average at all Sisterwives) I am sure they are probably still trying to process everything and think Shonda Rhimes is insane. Shonda has a method to her madness. Too bad we all see through it but bc I do, this trickery does not phase me none. Just waiting for you to get it together Shonda. Kthanksbye.

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    That’s what I thought. It was about Fitz and Olivia. James is pissed at what Cyrus did but also at himself. He actually...
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    I actually thought James and Cyrus was supposed to mirror Fitz and Liv in that circumstance and not Mellie and Fitz....
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    jazzypom: meridiandreams: And I see that yet again my Sisterwives are handling things with the analysis. Well, mainly...
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    LOL, that was fast food sex. Good idea in theory: hot, greasy and cheap on the bolt down, washed with watery beer- frat...
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    YES.YES.YES. To all of this. It really was a fantastic episode. And the Strugglesex was over before you knew it (like...
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    I think Shonda is insane, so does that make me an average viewer?I hate the fact that she is making Fitz and Liv look...
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    Everyone is handling, but thank you! And, agreed on everything you said.